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The Design Team:

Name: Inna Bronnikova
From: Siberia. Russia
Achievements: DT for Mistress Owl, Evolution-Scrap and now here in Mixed Media World. Numerous wins, tops and nominations I am teaching master classes in scrapbooking throughout Russia and I also teach master classes on the Internet. 
Favourite colours: I love all colours which ever inspires me when I make a new project. 
Favourite media: paste crackle, texture paste, acrylic primer, alcohol ink, foil gilding
My absolute 'must have' when creating: Pastes, sprays, paints, paper, cup of tea and chocolate
About: I am a wife and a mother. I love my family and my pets. I am very passionate about scrapbooking. It's there I like to put all of my positive energy and emotions into each project.
What inspires me: The nature inspires me from a grain of sand to a snow flake, from the frost making beautiful designs on a glass window to leaves changing colors on the trees.
My style: I do not work with any one style. The idea is the most important thing for me and Idea I have will push me to the style I will use on each creation

Links to my social media & galleries:
Instagram: @innabronnikova 
Twitter: @bronnikova652

What kind of projects I do?
Tags, АТС, art journal, cards, layout, albums, notebooks, altered scrap....I am interested in everything. Especially I love to do notebooks.


Name: Irena Stefanova
Blog name: Irena's art and something else
From: Bulgaria
Favourite colours: I love them all
Favourite media:  acrylic paint, modelling paste
My absolute 'must have' when creating: White gesso and silence :)
About: I am a loving wife, a mother of 3 children and grandmother to a beautiful girl. I live with my family in a small town in North-East Bulgaria. I am a very happy woman, because I can do what I'm interested in, what I love and what fits my values and my lifestyle. I have a volunteer's soul.
What inspires me: The challenges to push me outside my comfort zone
My style: It is difficult for me to define my style, because I'm new into the mix media and the most things are new to me and I want to try everything.
Links to my social media & galleries:
What kind of projects I do? I love recycling, altered stuff, gelli printing and Art Journaling.


Name: Leslie Lineberry
Blog: Art, It's What's For Dinner - 
From: Montana, USA

Achievement: Published in Mixed Up Magazine, Guest Designer for The Vintage Journey, winner of monthly mixed media challenges throughout 2016
About: During the weekdays, I manage a busy dental office, but the weekends are reserved for my happy creative time. I am so blessed to have an amazing supportive husband who understands his quirky, artsy wife and a son and daughter who inspire me everyday! Over the years I have painted in oil, acrylic, watercolor; done batik, quilling, scratch board canvas work, polymer clay, beadwork and more. As you can see, I am a "Hobby Hoarder". When I began combining many mediums at once in the form of Mixed Media art, I realized I had finally arrived where my artistic soul was trying to take me!
Favourite Colors: Blue-Greens and Browns
Favourite Media: Modeling paste, acrylic paint and sprays
Must Have: Gesso - White, Black and Clear
What Inspires You: Everything! Nature, word images, texture, you name it! And, I have learned so much from watching tutorials of so many talented artists. The passion for art is a wonderful thing to share.
My Style: My style is textured assemblage art. I love to take bits of junk and trash and recycle it into an altered piece that becomes a 3-D Hidden Pictures. I have gradually taught everyone around me not to throw anything away before showing it to me first. There are so many treasures out there just waiting to be reborn!

Links to my social media & galleries:
Instagram: Lesliline
Facebook: Leslie Lineberry

What Kind of Projects I do: Assemblage and Altered Art


Name: Maria Lillepruun
Blog name:  Magic Attic Design – &
From: Tallinn, Estonia
Achievements: Wycinanka DT, several Russian blogs DT, numerous wins, tops & nominations
Favourite colours: All shades of green
Favourite media: Transparent Gel & spray mists
My absolute 'must have' when creating: Scissors 😉
About: I am a wife and a loving mom of a boy and a girl. I've been involved in mixed media art and scrapbooking for 2 years and I actually do it every day, it's my biggest passion. In real life I'm a conservator, I restore paintings and polychrome objects, so I know all about patina and rust :) I always create in Mixed Media.
What inspires me: It could be absolutely anything; a photo, a colour, a pattern, a flower, a button, a broken toy, etc. And I find the rain outside my window inspiring too!
My style: My favourite styles are vintage and grunge, but I also love natural materials and childish colour blasts, so you can expect just anything from me. Most of all I love layouts and altered art. I also like to make notebooks.

Links to my social media & galleries:


Name: Ola Khomenok
Blog nameLikeArt Studio
From: Israel
Favourite colours: Actually, I love all colours. I believe that chosen colour must match to the chosen theme
Favourite media: Mixed Media in 3D style
My absolute 'must have' when creating: A jar with water and a few brushes
About: I'm Ola, almost 41 years old, married to my best friend, mom for 2 sweet angels J, live in Israel with my small family. In the past, I'm a professional graphic designer. After my son's birth, I'm a staying home mother and a full-time artist J. In addition, I am teaching workshops in my home studio. At the moment, I've taught more than 150 classes J
What inspires me: My dreams J. All ideas for my projects come to me from my night dreams J
My style: It's really a hard question. I think it's a mix of many things. Again, I believe that the style of the creation must match the theme and the mood. I mean when I create something romantic my style is tender and dreamy, when I create some masculine project my style is vintage or grunge :)

Links to my social media & galleries:
What kind of projects I do?
Layouts, canvases, cards, albums, notebooks, altered objects


Name: Torsa Saha
Blog name:  Torsa’s E{art}h
     Blog address:
From: Lives in USA, born in India
Achievements: Design team member at Art Anthology, Mixed media warriors and here at Mixed Media World and I want to say “Miles to go before I sleep “ !!
Favourite colours: All shades of Teal and blue!!
Favourite media: Modelling paste, embossing powder and spray mists 
My absolute 'must have' when creating: Spray Mist, and Heat tool ( I am very impatient person while creating )
About: I am a software engineer by profession, but Art is my passion, my dream and something I breathe for. I have studied fine arts (Oil painting, Acrylic and Charcoal) for almost 20 years!! I have started my Mixed Media Journey last year!! I love colours!! I need almost 10 different shades of every colour J and always try to depict a story through my creation!!
I am addicted to Coffee!! I love to spend hours at my studio with my coffee. I collect different coffee mugs from different places. I love to listen music when I am crafting!!
If I am doing nothing, I am doing art journaling with my favourite quotes even in my mind!!
I love to travel and visit different places!! I love to live in the moments!!
What inspires me: I get inspired by nature, life, books, quotes, songs, current affairs , Facebook, YouTube !! I really want to take one name here “Marta Lapkowska “- she is the reason behind my Mixed Media!! For me she is constant source of inspiration!!
My style: I don’t want to confined myself in one style!! I love to explore every different style!! Journaling on canvas is one of my favourite because I love to hang them at my studio!!
Links to my social media & galleries:
Instagram: torsa.saha

What kind of projects I do?  That’s a very tricky question for me!! I love to use beautiful photos for my project, and I am very choosy about the photograph of my project. Sometimes I love to use different photographs. and blend them in my project. I used to do lot of fussy cut in my project!! But for any project, background and colour remains as my main theme!!


Name: Virág Réti
Blog name: Sugallatok
From: Budapest, Hungary
I am a member of the following design teams: Berry71Bleu, Studio75, Canvas Corp Brands,
Sugallatok (Hungarian). I was a guest designer for different bing brands. 

Favourite colours: brown in every possible ways...
Favourite media: gel medium, mists, modelling paste
My absolute 'must have' when creating: my non-stick craft mat is the best tool ever and some water in spray bottle
About: Virág means flower in Hungarian. I work as a chief of marketing on weekdays, but my passion is scrapbooking. This is not just a craft activity for me, it is my real holiday and time for relaxation. My scraproom is a calm island in this busy world. I started scrapbooking 5 years ago, but last year when I met with mixed media scrapbooking techniques in an American YouTube video I felt that I found my line, the technique what I was looking for.  I am a coffee lover. I love singing loudly, but my voice is horrible. And I know, I am a bit crazy, because normal is boring for me. :)
What inspires me: A paper, a technique, a beautiful embellishment, a good photo can inspire me easily.  I really like to recycle products in my creations, sometimes a dirty tissue, a little piece of fabric, an old piece of lace, a dress tag, etc. It happes that I redesign my layouts and reuse some parts of it on another page. I am not shy and hesitant when I made mistakes on my layouts, because everything can be fixed with a little creativity. One of my strength is that I can improvise during my creative process, I do not need to organise a long preparation process for creating the tutorial videos, I do not need to plan everything in advance.
My style: My style is vintage and grunge, sometimes a little romantic, but I cannot define exactly. I can reform day by day. I am able to prepare layouts in different styles, it depends on my mood, the embellishments and the papers I use.

YouTube Channel and my tutorial videos:
Links to my Current Online Galleries:

What kind of projects I do?
·  scrapbook layouts
·  art journaling
·  altered art
·  tags/cards/ATC
·  mixed media

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